The Pressure-Guard device is the solution for breathing protection.

Computer-assisted test-device for the modern breathing protection workshop.

Breathing protection device regarding EN 137, vfdb-guideline 0804, FwDV7 and EN 250. Hyper-presicion reciprocating pump, sturdy, freely programmable and regardless of manufacturer.

Full face masks, breathing regulators, compressed air breathing apparatus, chemical protection suits and diver jackets.


Even more effective.


                 Inflatable test head!
   For every European, American, Asian...
         Every test head fits perfectly.

Your advantages with Pressure-Guard-AS:

• Full face masks
• Breathing regulators
• Compressed air breathing apparatus
• Cemical protection suits
• Diverjackets

• Precise calculators of dynamic breathing devices
• Descriptive and clear graphical presentation
of the test results

• Low cost
• User-friendly
• Producer-independent

• Tested regarding FwDV7
• Highly accurate  and dynamic measurements regarding
vfdb-guideline 0804, DIN EN137 and EN250
















Technical data

• Computer-assisted test stand
• Ports for 300-bar-technology
• Manual adjustable high pressure regulator 0 to 350 bar
• Sheffield-head for masks- and lung governed connections
• Spindel guided reciprocating pump with adjustable breathing frequency and swept volume
• Barcode- or transponder-reading device
• Accessories for protective clothing tests
• Special equipment for diver jacket tests


Scope of delivery

Test stand Pressure-Guard AS 137
• High pressure-, medium pressure-, low-pressure-sensor
• High pressure regulator (0 to 300 bar)
• USB- and serial-cable

• Touchscreen
• Digital camera for pressure gauge
• Embedded industrial computer
• Keyboard and mouse


Information download

The Pressure-Guard-AS flyer
to download as pdf.