System service (included in scope of supply)

  • Technical and multilingual support hotline
  • Provision of different machine devices ready for dispatch
  • Voucherless warranty processing
  • Spare part service
  • Auditor workshop
  • New free software-patches
  • Infotech project support
  • Supply of marketing products
  • Agency of customer leeds
  • Free demo-version for support of the company



Internet services

  • Internet applications for manufacturers, auditors and divers under this address: or
  • Directory of all Pressure-Guard auditors and Pressure-Guard distributors on one map
  • Representation of the measurement values for research purposes in the www for customers with password and auditors with chip card
  • Community for sales promotion: Manufacturers use the world wide data base, as a guarantee system
  • Revisionsbetriebe können auf die Datenbank im Rahmen des Wartungsgeschäfts zugreifen und sind in einem Online-Händlerverzeichnis gelistet
  • Auditors
  • Divers use the www as an auditor data base for their own breathing regulator
  • OEM Versions in CI of manufacturer with image of distributor hierarchy


System service (for an additional charge)

  • Safe conduct with Infotech as a service partner
  • External trademark PC from Hewlett-Packard or IBM with inclusive free software installation
  • Upon request Infotech provides support with the financing (for example 'leasing')
  • Courses for users in the education centre Holzminden or on-site
  • Manager seminars for reseller