One highlight of the program is the fluent representation of the high-, middle-, and respiratory-pressures, the calculation of the dynamic breathing work with inclusive injector effect as well as the option to generate test protocols with pressure curves and the own company logo.

The Pressure-Guard software supports chip cards as well as transponder readers and is able to identify breathing regulators via individual encoded chip cards. The program is multilingual.



Also there is an online-database that every diver, manufacturer or auditor can access. Every test result can be accessed via password or chip card.

The user also gets the chance to access an extensive, chronological and comprehensible amount of data - independent of distributor data files.



  • Graphical user interface in MS Windows® design for management of tests and calculations
  • Fluent representation of the high-, middle-, and respiratory-pressures with 1.000 samplings per second
  • Calculation of dynamic breathing work with inclusive injector effect
  • Test of product specific thresholds
  • Test protocol with pressure curves and individual company logo
  • OEM versions possible
  • Multilingual
  • Various units of measurement: bar - PSI - Inch
  • Support for chip cards and transponder reader
  • Identification of breathing regulator via individual encoded chip card
  • Open interfaces to LIMS or other EDV systems
  • Measurement data base compatible with MS Access
  • Export of data into another file format for example MS Excel

Demo version You want to test Pressure-Guard before purchasing it?

Here you can download the Pressure-Guard 3.6 Software as a demo version.

You can test the software now and get an impression of the features, before you consider buying it.
The limits of the demo version compared to the full version are marked in the different places in the program.

The password for the demo version is: pg

Pressure-Guard 3.6 demo version


  • PC depending on operating system requirements
  • At least 200 MB free space on the hard drive
  • Serial or USB interface
  • Supported operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7